At Lennova we look out for your best interests and want you to be completely satisfied with your installation. Our pre-installation inspection and evalution of your floor and operating environment allow us to specify the best flooring systems to meet your company’s image, needs and budget.

Things you Should Know Before you Coat:

Before applying a coating, the concrete surface should be tested for moisture. All manufacturers’ warranties are void if moisture content in the slab exceeds limits

For more information on moisture/ Click Here for “Osmotic Action”

Reasons to Call an Expert

The plant layout below is an example that one facility may have many different areas, with many different needs, all under the same roof.
industry building2

Not all coatings are created equal.
The same coating system may not be the best choice for all coatable areas in your facility.
There are hundreds of choices when it comes to coating systems.



Moisture vapor levels can challenge the warranty limitations of high quality flooring products.

Lennova has a true one-coat system that is VOC compliant with little to no odor; allowing flooring to be placed after a 12-hour cure.

Our vapor reduction system carries a 10-year, single source, multi-million dollar independently insured warranty covering our system, and the specified flooring with an owner’s umbrella included in the policy.

We can fast track projects by installing vapor systems and flooring systems 7 days after concrete is poured.


Lennova specializes in concrete coating and restoration. We offer a wide range of applications using only environmentally friendly products:
• Resurfacers that repair concrete.
• Tough high gloss or satin coatings that can take the punishment of daily traffic.
• Special coatings that control electrostatic discharge and protect against hazardous chemicals.
• Polished Concret Sealers that eliminate concrete dusting.

LENNOVA specializes in removal, preparation and installation of the following materials:

Anti-Microbial Flooring
Polished Concrete
Methyl Methacrylate Acrylic (MMA)
Epoxies & Epoxy Mortar
Moisture Vapor Control
Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) flooring
Colored Quartz
Urethanes & Urethane Cement

Alkalai Silicate Reaction (ASR)
Acid Stain
Vinyl Flake
Floor Leveling
Stamped Overlay
Poly Aspartic Polyureas
Conductive Flooring
Sheet Rock

Lennova uses only the highest quality products manufactured by the best companies in the world. They meet VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) regulations in the United States, Canada and Mexico.Our low odor products, allow application during normal business hours, with no shutdown required. Easy on the environment with little or no solvent, this means less evaporation and contamination.


•100% solids
•Fast Cure
•Reduced Yellowing
•Patching Compounds
Moisture Vapor Control

•USDA Approved
•Thin & Thick Build Systems
•For New or Eroded Concrete
•Water Based
•All Products are VOC Compliant


• High Solids (low VOCs)
• 100% solids (no VOCs)
• High Gloss or Satin
• Pigmented or Clear
• Longer life than epoxies
• Thermal Shock Mortars
• Moisture tolerant
• Decorative

• Low Odor Applications
• Water Based
• Moisture Cured
• Chemical Resistant
• Aliphatic (UV Stable)
• Antimicrobial Treatment
• Quick Installation



• Super Fast Curing
• Decorative options
• Minimal downtime
• Antimicrobial Treatment

• Interior or Exterior
• Resinous or Cement based
• Self Leveling
• UV Stable


• Polishable
• Integrated Color or Dyed
• Decorative Saw Cuts

Underlayments allow you to install new flooring over a level, concrete like surface that has little or no imperfections, leading to a flat smooth finished floor.

Performance Characteristics:
• Installs to any thickness.
• Fast-track system
• Installation in 16 hours, walkable in 2-3 hours.
• No troweling required.
• No gypsum products.
A Lennova designer overlay provides a “canvas” on which any design can be realized.

Overlayment Performance Characteristics
• Self Leveling - Indoor & outdoor applications
• Resurfacing of eroded concrete - Great for pool decks
• Stampable - Unlimited options
• Stainable - Brick, stone or unique finishes


From lobbies to laboratories, from clean rooms to lunchrooms, Lennovadecorative floors combine aesthetic attributes with functional benefits. They enhance the look of the surrounding environment, while offering resistance against wear, abrasion and many chemicals.

• Colored Quartz
• Vinyl Flake
• Hardscapes
• Stained Concrete
• Polished Concrete
• Polished Overlay

• Stone, Title, Brick & Block
• Terrazzo
• Decorative Saw Cuts
• Micro Topping
• Concept to finished product


Lennova performs all surface preparation and removal work in house, using ecologically sound methods.
• Shotblasting
• Diamond Grinding
• Scarification
• Media Blasting
• Saw Cutting
• Removal of all forms of flooring

Mechanical profiling is the method of choice. Thomas Kline of Structural Preservation Systems notes that acid etching can provide adequate surface preparation for horizontal installations of coatings and toppings in areas that are well ventilated and require a spark and dust free environment. But they will not remove petroleum-based products or animal vegetable oils from the concrete. He also notes that acid etching should only be done when no alternative means of preparation is possible. Ecological restrictions involved with waste removal could prohibit the use of acid etching and other chemical methods.